Classes Offered


Tumbling classes will include a proper warm up and stretch to prepare the body to begin to drill skills for Levels 1-5. Participants will be taught a variety of drills to help the gain tumbling skills. Athletes will move on to new skills after certain skills have been perfected. Attendance is extremely important and results are cumulative. Too young? Check out our Tumble-nastics class for 4-5 year olds. Teen tumble is for all abilities, ages 13 and up. Come learn some new skills with your friends or cheer teammates. 


In Flex-N-Flight classes athletes are working on stretches to assist them in pulling body positions in stunts and also works flexibility for both jumps and tumbling. After a series of intense stretches athletes are then able to work on flexibility skills in the air on bases and/or other equipment.

Gymnastics Classes

From babies through adults, boys and girls, we offer classes for them to learn skills and burn some energy! Classes run for 8 week sessions with age-appropriate lessons. Our Nastics program uses themes incorporated into daily classes to stimulate their imaginations while challenging them physically. All participants will have a chance to earn ribbons for skill mastery, over 20 awards to achieve and collect, as they work to progress to the next level. New Ninja classes help increase strength, speed and agility in participants while giving them demanding obstacles to complete. More at