Competitive cheer is a team sport where the success of your athlete not only depends on the commitment and drive of you and your child, but also the other members of the team standing alongside them. These guidelines are put into place to ensure that we are all on the same page, to understand the importance of working together, and how to get the most out of the Gems experience. A handbook will be given out to each athlete with expectations for the upcoming season. Below are the policy highlights. 


Since cheerleading is a team sport, it requires the whole team to be there or practices are very limited. The importance of full team practices cannot be over emphasized. All practices are mandatory, however, each athlete will have a set amount of excused and unexcused abcenses allowed for the season.


We believe in striving for perfection- that can only happen with completion of the basics before progressing to higher level skills. We will not allow students to learn advanced tumbling skills before perfecting their basics. Proper technique is everything!


Once you decide to join the Virginia Gems, it is extremely important that you finish out your commitment. Team placements, stunt groups and  choreography are based on the individual members of the team. When an athlete quits, it negatively impacts so many. After given all the information and trying out, please do not confirm you want join the team if you do not intend to see it through to the last competition!


We need everyone to be dressed and completely ready to go when they arrive. Practice wear is to be uniform. This is not only for team spirit, but also for safety and better for athletic movement. Practice attire needs to include socks and shoes, assigned clothing, ponytail with practice bow, and free of any jewelry. Boys need to wear Gems shirt or athletic shirt. 


Parents show support in so many ways- financially, emotionally and physically. Parents and coaches nurture great athletes together! The team is a family and needs to be unified. Keeping a positive attitude between the cheerleaders, families, and coaches is fundamental to the success of the team. Bring any concerns to the Director in private, do not discuss them openly with your child or other parents. 

Registration for recreational classes:

NKGC now has two ways recreational students can be enrolled, 8 weeks at a time or automatic monthly (Gold Pass). See more at www.newkentgym.com.